Our volunteers do more than build houses! Committee members are essential to Habitat’s growth. We welcome your expertise, connections and passion on one of the committees that plans and maintains Habitat’s programs. If you are interested in becoming a committee member please click here




This critical committee is charged with the project planning and construction to accomplish Manistee County HFH's mission and to formally approve housing development proposals through approvals of property acquisition, building plans, and housing development budgets. This includes: ensuring appropriate neighborhood and site selection for partner family success, maintaining the highest possible level of construction practices, keeping construction costs within budget, incorporating volunteer labor and in-kind materials and services, ensuring production level is as high as possible, ensuring that home design is appropriate for neighborhood location and budget, and building houses that are within Habitat for Humanity standards. 


The purpose of the Volunteer portion of this committee is to recognize, celebrate, provide support for, reach out to, and increase participation from the local Community for Manistee County HFH. This includes matching potential volunteers to the right position to best utilize their skills.The Faith Relations portion is charged with (1) supporting current coalitions and faith communities, (2) identifying and cultivating faith communities not yet involved with Habitat for Humanity and (3) planning activities aligned with Habitat’s mission to engage faith communities.




The fundraising portion of this committee includes a responsibility to identify and approach potential donors (individual, church, corporate) for either cash or "in-kind" gifts of material, labor, property or support. Grant writing is also part of this committee and a source of funds that Manistee County Habitat for Humanity needs to utilize as much as possible. The marketing facet of this committee includes individuals who enjoy writing and speaking publicly. One or two who like to work with the local media are needed, and individuals who want to write newsletters, articles, or letters to the editor. Persons interested in volunteering to serve on this committee may be asked to do speaking engagements to church groups, youth groups, community groups and organizations about Habitat’s past and future projects, as well as, our mission.


This dynamic committee is charged with two primary tasks: Homeowner Partner Family selection and Homeowner Partner Family support. As a Selection Committee, the group is responsible for objectively and confidently determining which homeownership applicant families qualify to become a homeownership/repair program Partner Family. This process includes, but is not limited to,: soliciting and screening low-to-moderate income applicants for the homeowner program; interviewing prospective families; and recommending qualified applicants to the Board for acceptance into Habitat’s Homeowner program. As a Support Committee, the group helps families to succeed during the sweat equity process and as a homeowner. The entire committee as a group supports partner families, but more one-on-one support can be provided by assigning a Family Advocate to work individually with each partner family.




This committee is responsible for analyzing and reporting the Corporations financial status to the Board. Including, but not limited to, reporting any financial irregularities, cash flow analysis while recommending the appropriate action to be taken with regard to improving the affiliates financial status, including investments. Ensures that organization is financially strong, able to meet financial objectives and support current and future growth of the affiliate. Works with the  executive director in determining and recommending the annual budget, audit and tax returns.