Sustainable―or “green”―building means designing and constructing houses that are efficient and durable, that use less resources, are healthy to live in and are affordable.

Habitat builds sustainable homes using construction standards that pay attention to water and energy efficiency; safety and health; and materials conservation.

We build sustainably to take better care of our environment, our homeowners, and our volunteers. Our goals are to reduce the home’s monthly and life cycle costs and increase efficiency and durability while providing healthy environments.



Green building is an approach to planning, constructing, operating and maintaining buildings that seek to improve the environment, health and financial aspects of what we build and the way we build.

This means designing homes to reduce waste, providing energy-efficient products and sourcing sustainable materials. Homeowners receive the benefits of a healthier indoor environment and increase affordability with reduced utility cost savings.


Energy Star

Manistee County Habitat for Humanity is proud to build Energy Star Plus Homes where our homes are typically 30-40% more energy efficient than homes built to standard residential building code. We were provided with a 5-Star Energy Efficient certificate for our recent home build with a rating of 44. This rating is considered well below average for home efficiency. It’s our goal and mission to continue building energy efficient homes making them affordable and efficient for our Partner Families to live in.

Features of an Energy Star home include: Energy Efficient Insulation, High-Performance Windows and Doors, Tight Building Envelope and HVAC Ducts, Energy Efficient Heating and Cooling Equipment, Energy Efficient Appliances and Third Party Verification.