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Manistee County Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit organization that builds and rehabilitates homes along with partner families. New houses are sold to partner families with affordable interest mortgages.

Final Determination Is Based Upon:

1. Your family’s need for adequate housing.
2. A steady, reliable source of income and demonstrate financial responsibility.
3. The ability to pay a monthly house payment at approximately 25% of gross monthly income (taxes and insurance included).
4. The ability to pay projected monthly utilities (electric/gas & water/sewer).
5. Provide proof of residency in Manistee County for a minimum of one year.
6. NOT have filed for bankruptcy within the past 2 years.
7. NOT have outstanding collections, liens or judgments that cannot reasonably be paid by the completion of the home build.
8. Your willingness to complete sweat equity in the amount of 250 hours with Habitat on the construction of your home. 

Manistee County Habitat for Humanity provides decent, affordable homes for low-income families living in substandard housing conditions. Future homeowners  work alongside Habitat staff and volunteers to build their future home and in-turn purchase the home from MCHFH.  Homeowners are provided with an affordable mortgage. Homes are built using volunteer labor and some donated materials.

MCHFH earns no profit from the sale of the home. Because of this,  future homeowners will obtain long term, affordable mortgages. This is not a rental program. Habitat homeowners repay the cost of the house. This money is then used to build more houses in Manistee County.  We require a $1000 down payment and future homeowners will need to provide funds to pay for their first year of homeowner’s insurance. As an added benefit, we also use partners that will provide future homeowners with homeowner education and financial literacy classes to ensure they are prepared for the unique challenges of homeownership.

Partner families repay a no-profit loan which goes back to help fund Manistee County's Homeownership Program and they contribute sweat equity hours to the new build or directly to Manistee County Habitat.


  • Affordable mortgages

  • Low monthly payments

  • Energy efficient homes with low utility bills

  • Attractive, well-constructed homes

  • Brand new Whirlpool Appliances

  • Stability

  • Higher educational performance and better behavior in children

  • Better household health

  • Individual responsibility as a homeowner

  • Accessible homes based on family’s needs

  • Sense of accomplishment by helping to build your own home


If you think you meet the qualifications for applying for a new home, please click the "APPLICATION" button below. If you have any questions about filling out the application please call 231-723-7458 and we will return your call as soon as possible.

Please fill the application out completely and attach any required documentation before returning it to:

Manistee County Habitat for Humanity
P.O. Box 495
Manistee, MI 49660




Families who partner with Manistee County HFH are required to put in a minimum of 250 hours of sweat equity per adult family member before moving into their new home. The partner family and their advocate from Manistee County HFH will work together on a plan for completing the sweat equity requirement. 

Sweat equity hours are in no way a down payment or monetary contribution toward the home or the affiliate. Sweat equity is designed to meet three important goals:

  • Sweat Equity Builds Partnership: Habitat for Humanity is not only about building houses; our mission extends to uplifting families and building community. The best way for partner family and volunteers to get to know one another is to work alongside each other.

  • Sweat Equity Builds a Sense of Pride: Habitat for Humanity is not a charity, or a give away program. We offer a hand up rather than a handout. Habitat for Humanity works with, rather than for, families in need to build their own homes and a brighter future.

  • Sweat Equity Builds Skills and Knowledge: The sweat equity program is designed to offer new homeowners a wide variety of opportunities to gain skills and knowledge that will help them successfully adapt to their new home.


Critical Home Repair includes: 

  • Wheelchair ramp construction

  • Handicap accessible bathrooms

How It Works: Families at 60% of Area Median Income can qualify for the critical repair program and must be a resident of Manistee County. Critical Home Repair partner families meet the same three foundational principals as other Habitat for Humanity families:

1. The need for adequate shelter.
2. Needs to be a Consumers Energy and/or DTE customer.
3. A willingness to partner with Manistee County Habitat.